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WHO better to round off the first day of the Vogue Festival than Valentino, one of fashion's most celebrated and influential names? A byword for glamour, as Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman described, Garavani's aesthetic is characterised by its romanticism, femininity and the colour red - a unique shade that has become synonymous with his name.

"When I was a young designer working for a French fashion house I went to Spain and watched an opera there," he said. "There were so many women dressed in red, and I decided that it was my lucky colour. Mine is a special red with orange inside."

He loves London, not - as he was keen to mention - because of his audience, but because "it's the capital of the world. It's beautiful and I love its traditions. The only terrible thing is the shopping every day - there is so much temptation."

As you might imagine, he doesn't like computers or Instagram, nor packing light. He also isn't keen on valenino shoes outlet women who show off too much.

"A woman must decide whether she wants to look ok or whether she wants to look too much," he said. "I prefer it when a woman wears an enormous skirt, a beautiful blouse with simple shoes, rather than a dress that that is too much and not elegant. A dress has to live, it can't be wooden."

"My advice to you all would be to believe, to appreciate what life gives you and try to be optimistic and just to be happy," he said.

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Proving himself as one of the most refined gentlemen in fashion, Garavani kissed the hand of Shulman upon arriving on stage before apologising to an already capivated audience for his "terrible accent". He went on to discuss why he loves seeing beautiful women wearing his clothes on the red carpet ("You try to make everyone look beautiful"); his pet pug dogs (they travel with him everywhere); his penchant for gardening (particularly rose gardens); and the 2008 biopic made about him,Replica Valentino: The Last Emperor.

Despite having created one of fashion's most enduring legacies (there can't be many designers who have created as many beautiful gowns as Valentino); he remains humble about what he has achieved.

"I'm surprised myself with how much I've done," he said. "I'm very proud, but not just because of the clothes I've created. I did lots of work with joy and with all my heart. I did my best and tried to please everyone."

When the talk ended, the audience rose in a standing ovation - a first for any Vogue Festival speaker.